The Bharat singh science research organization Research is the leading nonprofit organization dedicated to accelerating the pace of scientific discoveries and their application to vastly improve the universal human experience of research.

Welcome to the website of The Bharat Singh science research organization is pure research organization, working the all field Research in science. BSSRO is a non-profits, nonpartisan think tank focused on research that can improve the lives of adults and children.

Throughout our country, there are programs and policies that have the potential to save lives and improve the quality of life for many adults and children.

The BSSRO for Health Research conducts and analyzes research that is then used to encourage new, more effective programs, policies, and medical treatments.

BSSRO Organisations are Research Funding and Research Performing Organisations within INDIAN STATE. Members should have substantial and significant impact on their national research system and budget. They should be primarily funded through national public funding, but should also have substantial operating independence from their Government.