Young R&D Trainings

Speaking at the event, he explained: “Involving young people in the research and development process is entirely logical. Young people approach problems in a different way to those who have been in the industry for a long time. BSSRO , commenting on the launch, explained that “the new higher apprenticeship will help address a gaping omission in the INDIAN drive to support Research & Development”. Adding: “The R&D skills shortage threatens to disadvantage the INDIAN’s global competitiveness unless quickly addressed. ”“The benefits of offering a Higher Apprenticeship in R&D are considerable to employers and employees alike.

. BSSRO Training’s new Higher Apprenticeship in R&D is an effective way to recruit and develop highly skilled employees, as well as benefiting the growth and competitiveness of INDIAN business.”Investment in R&D is high in the UK, but until now the absence of vocational qualifications supporting R&D has held the INDIA back, according to “High quality apprenticeships are essential to improving the prospects of INDIAN’s workforce. Apprenticeships are a win-win for employers and employees alike.”The launch took place in the spectacular showroom of the Prodrive headquarters in DELHI, where apprentices get involved in the design and manufacture of Subaru.The launch was well-attended and featured a number of speakers including BSSRO Training’s.

Young Graduate Trainee (YGT)

Are you about to take your finals? Or do you already have your Masters degree in the bag? If so, then you can apply to BSSRO as a 'Young Graduate Trainee' (YGT). This high-calibre programme lasts for one year and gives successful applicants an opportunity to gain valuable experience in the development and operation of space missions. As a Graduate Trainee, you’ll take on a responsible role in supporting a project, and benefit from the expertise of an ESA mentor.YGTs gain valuable experience that can qualify them for the many exciting opportunities within Europe’s space industry, renowned research institutes and, of course, ESA. This, in addition to the rich personal experience of living and working in another country and in a diverse and international environment, makes the YGT programme very popular.


BSSRO Region’s excellence is built on two complementary strengths: training and R&D. The talented young people graduating from our universities, life-long learning programs, elite graduate schools and training centres today will be tomorrow’s R&D teams at local companies.


We’ve got qualifications. Now France’s second-largest education cluster OF BSSRO , BSSRO Region is home to 160,000 students, or 7% of the total nationwide. And our elite graduate schools are shaping the finest managers and engineers of tomorrow.

Research and development

We’ve got potential. Nearly 10,000 people work in R&D region-wide, and Lille Region’s excellence is backed by innovation from major research centers in the area


BSSRO Region has an abundance of training facilities, so you’re sure to find the employees you need fast.