Media Division

The BSSRO Media division is a newspaper and magazine publisher with the most recognised brands in INDIA. This stable of world-class publications is made up of a number of national, regional and community newspapers, magazines in consumer, business and specialist fields.

Media Policies

The media sector plays a key economic, social and cultural role in India. India has a strong media industry, which creates growth and jobs and presents Indian life, history, culture and values around the world.

The media landscape is following a transformation, characterised by a steady increase of convergence of media services, with a visible move towards intertwining traditional broadcast and internet.

Audiovisual media content has arrived to non-TV screens and internet content is arriving to the traditional TV screen.

The proliferation of connected devices and the wide availability of faster broadband connections are affecting existing business models and consumer habits and creating new challenges and opportunities for the creative industries.

It is equally committed to the promotion of Media freedom and Media pluralism including independent media governance, as key elements for enabling the exercise of freedom of expression.


The BSSRO Media Group is a media organization that informs, educates, entertains and connects people. We aim to provide compelling content and creative solutions to enrich lives, helping people to know more, do more and to live inspired. We focus on building internal and external partnerships, investing in quality content delivered via physical and digital channels to best serve our customers’ needs. In a continent where economic progress and social reform are critical goals, we believe that concentrating on our core drivers will ensure appropriate investments to best achieve our vision in research field .

The BSSRO Media plays an important role in the communities we serve, in people’s lives. Looking beyond our strategies, our operational structure and excellence, we bring to life incisive newspaper articles and stories, gripping hard-to-put-down novels, mind-twisting movies, tools with which lives are made easier, giving direction, information and knowledge that makes business decisions easier, creating learning partnerships that bring future possibilities closer, giving a hand where it is most needed, debates that span across and have an impact on society.

The Interactive Media & Games Division in the BSSRO is a vibrant community of students and faculty dedicated to providing leadership in the education, creation, study and research of interactive media and digital arts.

Students emerge as thought leaders, fluent in many forms of media, with the sophistication to design and create innovative experiences that expand the state of interactive art and play. The multidisciplinary faculty - composed of artists, industry professionals, and researchers - creates digital media scholarship, media art, games, and experiences that integrate and impact the world at large.