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Bharat Singh Science Research Organization (BSSRO) Opportunities . The site lists the following:

  • Requests for Proposals (RFP)
  • Requests for Quotes (RFQ)
  • Sources Sought
  • Pre-Solicitation Notices
  • Public Disclosure of Justification and Approval Documents for Non-competitive Contracts
  • Special Notices
  • Combined Synopsis
  • Award Announcements

Bharat Singh Science Research Organization electronic RFPs and RFQs are set up to provide all the information necessary for a potential offeror to fully understand the requirements and the necessary steps to developing an offer. It is essential that prospective offerors obtain a complete copy of the RFP/RFQ in order to submit a proposal/quote to compete for a contract award.

  1. BSIMT (Bharat Singh Institute of Management & Technology )
  2. BSSRIT (Bharat Singh Science Research Institute of Technology)
  3. BSSRIM (Bharat Singh Science Research Institute of Medical )
  4. SDMRI (Shanti Devi Medical Research Institute )
  5. SDH ( Shanti Devi Hospital)

Working in partnership with educational institutions, governmental organizations, business, and public interest enterprises, the BSSRO will sponsor research, make actionable recommendations for policy and implementation, and provide a forum for discussion of new ideas and tools to strengthen policy execution at all levels of government. Beyond that, the BSSRO is committed to taking actions that contribute to a high degree of confidence in both the decision-making processes of government and in its administrative management.


The Director will develop and build the program and team to implement the BSSRO work on research and education pertaining to public management and other aspects of policy execution. The Director will work with leading public policy, public administration, and other schools, as well as other interested organizations and individual experts to improve research, education, and research translation pertaining to policy implementation. In addition, the Director will develop programs that encourage energetic, highly-skilled people to work in government. As the BSSRO is a new organization and this is a new effort, the Director will have wide latitude working with the Alliance President to shape the strategies and projects in this area. Qualifications

  • Ph.D. with strong knowledge of respected research methods and/or deep appreciation for university culture and research excellence preferred;
  • A strong understanding of university culture and criteria for research excellence;
  • Strong strategic thinker with proven ability to translate thinking to action and impact;
  • Strong respect for public service and government employment;
  • Ability to build coalitions and new programs;
  • Strong entrepreneurial, partnership-building, and communications skills;
  • Strong public speaker and ability to communicate the Alliance‚Äôs goals and priorities using multiple media platforms;
  • Committed to camaraderie in the workplace and building the Alliance and its mission;
  • Hard-working, poised, personable, and willing to adapt to changing circumstances in a start-up atmosphere;
  • Ready to travel as needed.

The Alliance offers competitive salary, commensurate with experience, and generous benefits.