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Your gift allows us to provide resources and programs such as online training, counselling, and free regional workshops for those who need them most, and who can least afford to pay--the humanitarian workers based in the developing world.

1- E-Pin Option

E-Pin is a 15 digit code and you can subscribe directly by entering the E-Pin purchased from the company. Methods of purchasing new E-pin
• By E-Pocket - You can purchase new E-pin from your E-Pocket from your web back office.
• By Cheque/Demand Draft - Tuition Guru offers option to pay through Cheque / Demand Draft (DD). Cheques are subject to realisation

Bank Account Details
Account Name : Bharat Singh Science Research Organisation
Account Number : 025001009231
Bank Name : ICICI Bank
Branch : Sector-5 Dwarka, New Delhi-110075

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Benefits for Donors:

Research Educational provided for all zones of India for free. BSSRO is dedicated to use the grants for the following categories
  • School books
  • Uniforms
  • Research Magazines in BSSRO
  • Young Research Books All classes.
  • New Scientific Research Books
  • Research Science Papers
  • Brilliant Materials
  • Skills training
  • Global leadership opportunities
  • University Education (India & outside India )
  • Especially College Education (India & outside India )
  • Testing, Entrance exams, Application fees

Growth for young students & young research & young organization

1 - The BSSRO would intend to send the information by text or email about fund raising activities and goods or services which it believes may be of your interest. If you would like to be contacted through letter / telephone / Email.
2 -The BSSRO papers / magazine is available on website that can be downloaded from The BSSRO website www.bssro.org ,.
Note :
1. Provide information related to the donor including name, organization, address and other contact information.
2. Record the date received and your name.
3. Send the completed form to the [INSERT ORGANIZATION] office for review and approval. A copy of the completed, approved form will be sent directly to the donor and one copy of all in-kind donation forms will be maintained at the [INSERT ORGANIZATION] office for audit purposes.
  • Each cheque must come with its own donation form.
  • All donations will be credited in Canadian dollars. We cannot accept cash donations.
  • If you donate $10 or more, you will receive a tax receipt.
  • All donations are non-refundable and non-transferable.
Support the nurse navigator program in both the breast and gynaecologic cancer areas. Nurse navigators support and coordinate care for cancer patients and their families and help them to navigate through the complex health care system.
  • Study survivorship and wellness in women recovering from breast cancer.
  • Promote innovations in radiation therapy that target tumours, avoid toxicity and shorten treatment duration.
  • Create a specialized software system for mapping heredity cancers in families.
  • Evaluate the best models of nursing roles for breast cancer at all stages of care.
  • Establish the first hospital-based program in lymphedema care and research in Quebec.
  • Support students, young research scientists and post-doctoral fellows who are the most promising women’ cancer researchers of the future.
  • Support highly innovative research ideas (e.g. Micro-genetics and other new concepts).

Bricks & Mortar Fund

We invite you to join the growing number of people who support BSSRO Center. By purchasing a brick for the Brick Garden or donating to the fund to support our YOUNG RESEARCH Building Program, your generosity will be provide a unique way to assist BSSRO Center in its mission of building state-of-the-art science facilities to better serve our community.

Community Health & Wellness Fund

The Community Health & Wellness Fund seeks to help our community by assisting local families in need with their medical expenses, as well as provide important educational programs for our local community at large. Your donation to this fund is a way to make a real impact for members of our local area, and support our overall mission of creating unique healing environment within our community.

Education & Training Fund

Your donation to the Education & Training Fund ensures we continue to meet the challenge of training staff on the latest procedures and technologies to provide the best patient care. It also allows us to keep our community informed about important medical centre educational events while furthering our focus on patient safety and improved clinical outcomes.

Equipment & Technology Fund

Your donation to the Equipment and Technology Fund ensures we continue to meet the challenge of training staff on the latest procedures and technologies to provide the best patient care. It also allows us to keep our community informed about important medical research center educational events while furthering our focus on patient safety and improved clinical outcomes. Employee Education and Conferences Public Education/Marketing Infection Control Performance Improvement Medical Library Simmons human patient simulator

Humanitarian & Hardship Fund

The Humanitarian & Hardship Fund supports BSSRO employees as well as members of the community during times of financial hardship – with small loans and financial assistance to help recipients and their families get through rough times. Your gift can make a difference in the lives of those who provide care for others.

Our Future - Greatest Needs Fund

Providing the best in medical care requires ongoing high-dollar/rubies expenditures such as replacing outdated equipment, remodelling existing clinical care areas, and adding patient rooms to meet our community’s growing needs. A contribution to the Greatest Needs Fund helps support the medical center’s most urgent needs and the overall health of our community.

Financial contributions.

Donate online or via mail. Please include all of your contact information and any special instructions for your donation. If you would like to support a specific program at BSSRO , simply specify that program in the notes section of your check or online donation. All checks should be made out to BSSRO and sent to the following address:

Special Event Sponsorships.

BSSRO organizes popular events that need your support in order to raise funds for the boys and girls at BSSRO . To find out how you can support these fundraisers and receive recognition for your generosity within the community, click Events to find out more and contact us today!


If you would like to donate your time and talents to BSSRO , please contact us to begin the application process as a volunteer. You could become a mentor to a special boy or girl, help with clerical work or campus beautification efforts, or even share your enthusiasm and leadership skills by helping us plan our fundraising events. Individual and group volunteer opportunities exist, so please contact us today!

Stocks, Endowments and Annuities.

Gift annuities are just one of the many planned giving options you have if you're interested in helping create a secure future for both yourself and BSSRO . During your lifetime, the annuity provides you with a substantial, guaranteed (and partly tax free) income. It also saves you tax dollars later. When you're gone, the annuity will support the children and families at BSSRO .