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The Bharat Singh Science Research organization (BSSRO), an independent organization. The BSSRO provides support and services to education professionals and researchers around world, especially those from the developing countries.BSSRO is an association of scientists, researchers, professors, directors, managers, and engineers from various fields, including engineering, management, pharmacy, applied science, and mathematics.BSSRO helps researchers free of cost by providing research assistance and guidance with the help of its worldwide association members. The organization aims at undertaking, aiding, co-coordinating, and promoting Research and development. It provides academic and professional guidance in the field of Basic Education, Higher Education as well as in the Technical Education Research.Apart from this, BSSRO collaborates with other national &

International reputed researcher labs, institutions, organizations and associations for more efficient functioning and fulfilment of its aims. BSSRO offers prizes and awards to recognize people who have made exceptionally important and distinguished contributions in their respective fields. IOSR publishes quality journals for the disseminating of information regarding these subjects. It also organizes conferences, workshops in all around the world.

Unique networking opportunities

Make global connections, discuss and share research studies and projects, and cooperate with scientists from your field of expertise and other disciplines. Participate in a wide range of collaborative activities covering all main areas of core and interdisciplinary research related to forests and trees.

The BSSRO membership program, initiated to accomplish the vision of making Healthcare & Scientific Information Open Access, enables academic and research institutions, societies, groups, funding organizations and corporations to actively support Open Access in scholarly publishing and also support the participation of its representatives and students in national / International conferences for research.

Membership is now available for the scientific societies/corporatecompanies/universities/institutes/individuals/students. For more details and benefits, click on the links below:

Online / off line registration .

Membership Annual Three Years Five Years
Individual Rs /$ 5,000 Rs /$ 10,000 Rs /$ 15,000
University/Institute Rs/$ 10,000 Rs/$ 20,000 Rs/$ 30,000
Industries/Organizations Rs /$ 20,000 Rs/$ 40,000 Rs/$ 60,000
Note:Member ship no provided life time, time to time renewal, membership fee is call donation, no refund .

BSSRO JOIN FOR all peoples like , professional educator, you need to be connected. The list below includes links to a lengthy list of professional educational associations. They include nearly every subject matter and educational specialty and they strongly influence educational practice and policy at the state and national level.

Well, membership has benefits. First of all, nearly all of these organizations publish journals, newsletters, and books describing current research and the latest best practices. It is the ideal place to go to find out what is happening and to keep up-to-date on the important issues and trends in your field. Most professional educational organizations also sponsor education conventions and conferences. Attending one of these state or national events will provide the perfect opportunity for professional development, often with BSSRO (BSSRO IN RESEARCH Units), not to mention incredible networking opportunities for members and attendees. You will also find that they are an excellent resource for grant resources and employment.